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CalChiefs OPS Section

The Operations Chiefs Section of the California Fire Chiefs Association (CalChiefs) is comprised of fire service professionals representing organizations with varying and diverse service areas. Members of the Operations Chiefs Section represent career, combination, and volunteer fire agencies and the operational concerns of those organizations.

It is a dynamic group committed to maintaining and improving the effectiveness and safety of all risk emergency responders.Our Section is dedicated to those who implement the mission of the fire service every day.

We are a single, unified voice for Operations Chiefs throughout the State of California.


To work effectively with our members, partner Sections, and affinity groups to solicit ideas for the improvement of the California Fire Service and to disseminate information that prepares firefighters to fulfill the mission.


The CalChiefs Operations Chiefs Section is committed to promoting and safeguarding the founding values of our profession:

-Commitment to Excellence -Compassion -Humility -Honor -Integrity -Protection of the Public Trust -Trustworthiness


The Operations Chiefs Section recognizes its role as a subsection of the CalChiefs organization. We exist to provide specialized support to the parent body and subject matter expertise to its members in the area of fire operations.